Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Narwhals: information report


Image result for narwhalsImage result for narwhal                                                                 Narwhals

Did you know the narwhal is referred to as the unicorn of the sea? The narwhal is one of a huge  species of whale. The scientific name of a narwhal is Monodon monocerous. They have a long ivory tusk and a spotted body.  According to scientist narwhals do exist but there are a minor amount of them. This immense drop could lead to extinction. These narwhals need our help.  

Finding food in the sea can be troublesome, the narwhal can create a sort of vacuum and then they suck up there food. The narwhal has a stretched diet of various types of sea animals. Like most whales the narwhal is a carnivore. Part of their prey includes flounder, rockfish, shrimp and crab. A generalization why narwhals have a stretched diet is because if the animal becomes extinct and the narwhal had constrained prey the narwhal would die of hunger.

Did you know male narwhals reproduce! Male narwhals reproduce at the age of seven and females at 5 years. Narwhals are found in Arctic waters of Canada, Greenland and Russia. Narwhals are a type  of animal that are quite rare to find. Narwhals breed at the end of winter out in deep water. Narwhals change colour as they age. Newborns are a blue-grey, Juveniles are blue-black and adults are a mottled grey. Old narwhals are nearly all white.

Narwhals are an near endangered species. There predators are polar bears and orcas. To avoid their predators narwhals use echolocation to get away from their predators. Native Inuit people also hunt narwhals legally. To buy a narwhal tusk it costs 1.5 million dollars. It's really devastating to think that somebody would murder these narwhals for their tusks. If we keep killing these animals one day they will not exist.   

Overall narwhals are a special species that should be protected. They are an important part of the animal kingdom and they shouldn't be treated like a mythical creature. They are quite rare but are found in Arctic waters of Canada, Greenland and Russia.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

WALT: Use persuasive writing

For writing this week we have been writing a letter to the future Prime Minster.For writing this week we have been writing a letter to the future Prime Minster.For writing this week we have been writing a letter to the future Prime Minster.

Halsey Drive School
106 Halsey Drive
Rt Hon Bill English/Jacinda Ardern      Auckland
Prime Minister          1042
Freepost Parliament
Private Bag 18 888
Parliament Buildings
Wellington 6160

Thursday 21st September 2017

Dear Prime Minister,

Congratulations with your very successful election campaign in 2017. My class and I have been discussing the election and a lot of the key issues very closely. Your election campaign was very good and it obviously was successful but you may have forgotten something from the debates. I believe that the voting age should be reduced so that from 18 it should go down to 16. I mean you are very smart and successful so I was wondering if you would agree with my argument.

Firstly I believe that young adults should be allowed to vote at the age of 16 because if they can drive,join the army, take care of younger kids, have a job and stay at home alone then they should be able to vote. While some people argue that 16 year olds are too young I have to say that they are more globally aware. Generations before us they aren’t as educated with devices. Where as this generation uses devices more. This means that we can read articles or watch videos about the election.

I believe that we have came to the stage where you have to agree with me that 16 year olds should be able to vote in the election.

Yours faithfully

Nikita and Sherlyn

Tale of Despereaux Stained Glass Window of Miggery Sow

In the book 'Tale of Despereaux' Miggery Sow is a little girl who's had a rough life. Her dream is to become a princess. She has cauliflower ears from all the clouts (smacks) on the ear. She is extremely fat from all the food she ate in the castle. For reading we made stain glass windows using the characters from the story 'Tale of Despereaux'.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

WALT create a dream journal inspired by BFG

This dream is about when I is able to fly.  
It is a real phizzwizard. Whenever I is doing a peace sign I is able to fly. I was about to go fly to the moon when I had a great ringbeller! I should prank my bruther!  So I is walking up to my brother who is busy watching youtube videos. I nag him until he is outside and when he is in the garden I pick him up. I is fly high up in the sky. He is getting spindles.  The human beans on the ground are looking high up and freaking out. I is feeling speciall. When I is over a forest I drop him. I never see him again. It is a big whoopsy. Then my mumme says “Is you dreamn about dropping your brother again!”

By Sherlyn

It was Roald Dahl's birthday on the 14th September. So my class decided to create are own dream jars  and draw a special dream (inspired by BFG). We then wrote a description about our dreams in BFG language. Hope you enjoy!

WALT make a book about creepy crawlies