Tuesday, 12 September 2017

WALT use repetition

   Sorry Mum…..
I did clean my room
but my stupid brother messed it up.
The cat ran outside and I had to chase after her.
You’re blessed to have a daughter like me

Sorry Mum…..
I was busy at a birthday party
And my blood brother got into mischief.
Now my room smells really farty!
I promise i’ll clean it ‘soon’!

Sorry Mum…..
I was playing ROBLOX with my friends
and lost track of time!
I was just about to clean it
but I found a dime!

  Sorry Mum…..
A tornado hit my room
I was freaking out.
I was doomed
what could I do now?

Sorry Mum…..
Unicorns invaded our house
I was struck with amazement.
It was so cool
But they ran into our basement!

                     I spent all night coming up with excuses
                                        it was no use!
                                    what a horrible sight

                      so don’t make excuses because it’s no point.
My class has been writing a poem about excuses using repetition I hope you enjoyed it.

Monday, 28 August 2017

WALT: write a description of Roscuro from the book 'The Tale of Despereaux'

In school for reading we have been reading the book 'The Tale of Despereaux.' In this story there is a mouse named Despereaux who is sent to the dungeon for loving a princess in there he meets a rat named Roscuro

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

For writing we watched a video about a pirate who explores the sky with is magical flying boat and discovers magical flying turtles. We replaced the turtle with another animal. Here is the writing Samarah and I did....

The Peaceful Creature

Glancing around I found myself looking at a peculiar shadow emerging from the nosy clouds. I was standing on an Aeroplane flying high in the sky. A creature started approaching me, out of nowhere their smooth skin covered with feathers of black, white and yellow bright colourations were blinding my eyes. Gracefully they made their way past my boat. “Err Err” the elegant creatures made this unique sound as they passed me in their evening suits. Stunned by their magnificent sounds I stood in shock. Adults and Babies passed by, flapping their arms gracefully like they were swimming in the Arctic Ocean. As the penguins cautiously passed by and disappeared into the abyss, something caught the corner of my eye. It was flapping continuously, trying to keep up with the others….

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

WALT write a description about Despereaux

My reading group have been reading the story 'The Tale Of Despereaux.' Despereaux is a little mouse who is sent to the dungeon for talking to a human and falling in love with her. Here is my description about Despereaux.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

WALT Make A UN Peacekeeper Package

For inquiry we learnt about UN peacekeepers. A UN peacekeeper is a soldier who only use weapons when they are in danger. Here is a package I made for them.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

WALT Stop Bullying!!!

For health my class learnt about bullying. We created posters about how bullying is bad and why we should put a stop to bullying.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Sherlyns Speech- What If mums Went on strike

                          What if mums went on strike?!
“MUM we’ve run out of toothpaste can you buy some more??”  “MUM...MUM!!!” Oh right I forgot she’s gone on strike. Adults go on Strike when they are fed up with working long hours and not getting paid. My mum has gone on strike because she says we don’t appreciate her enough so now she is refusing to take care of us. With mums on strike this world will probably get invaded with aliens!!!  The streets will be full of garbage and everything will be gloomy and I’m not just being dramatic! If mums went on strike life would be as mad as Mad Hatter.

Firstly if mums went on strike who would feed us! We would be forced to eat our dads poisonous food and I'm not overreacting. My mum has banned my dad from cooking anything because it resembles witches soup! I mean my dad can’t cook a decent meal (Unless It’s on the barbecue). When I see my dad in the kitchen cooking I always pray he isn’t going to make me eat his repelling food. If my mum goes away for even a week I hide from my dad and his gross food.

Is your mum a clean freak? Yeah mine to. If mums went on strike our house would be a pigsty. My room is already an eyesore, but with my mum on strike my house will probably be on the news for being the smelliest house in the universe. It would be so embarrassing to invite your friends over. I guess my brother can do the cleaning but he only does it when mum’s around so he can empress her.

About 99.9% of kids in this school don’t pack their own morning tea and lunch.. their mums do it. If your mum went on strike you would have to pack your own morning tea and lunch. Your dad could probably do that to but there is no way I’m going down that road. It wouldn’t be that bad packing your own lunch unless you wake up late like me. I hate to break it to you but we would be dogs without our mum’s.

Does your mum take you to all your after school activities? I don’t know about you but my dad is pretty lazy. Once my dad was meant to take me to the dentist and he never came, after hours of waiting my mum came and took me. Turns out my dad was really “busy” and by really busy I mean asleep on the job.  This wasn't the first time though this happens all the time. He and my mum always bicker over who works more. In my opinion it’s my mum (sorry dad)! If my mum went on strike I would never play netball on Saturdays ever again. Time to say bye to my gymnastics olympic career.

Overall mums are really important and if they went on strike we wouldn’t see another day. We would have to eat our dads gross food, our houses would be a mess, you would have to pack your own lunch, and worst of all your forgetful dad would forget to take you to all your after school/weekend activities. So to stop this disaster from happening, we must stop and appreciate our mums more. Because remember ‘Mums they are like dads, only smarter!’